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Welcome to PBA and Associates, where we offer 25 years of specialized expertise in the realm of medical billing. Our core competency lies in the seamless management of the entire billing cycle, ensuring optimal revenue generation. As industry pioneers, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch medical billing services.

Our billing process initiates when patients check in at your office, and we diligently oversee the complete billing cycle, expediting claims processing through our tailored system.

With a proven track record, we consistently achieve an impressive collection rate of 94-98% of billed charges within 20-30 days. At PBA and Associates, we excel in the art of medical billing management

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of Work

Self collection allows you to pick up your packages personally.

Most self collection services are free, but it’s best to confirm.

Policies vary; some allow it with proper authorization or identification.

Typically, bring a valid ID and the tracking number for verification.

Check the provider’s policy; there might be a rescheduling option.

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PBA and Associates can guarantee 94% or higher on your accounts receivable. How many medical billing services make that kind of offer?

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